26/10/2021 We love terraces

We are leaving behind a few months that have been hard for everyone. Gradually new phases are beginning that lead to desired reunions: our family, friends, sports companions, etc. we can see each other without screens and be a little closer. Kisses and hugs are still

17/07/2020 HABITAT LLAZA: The keys to achieving the perfect environment.

Lately many people have found an exciting new hobby in decorating their home. This new relationship with our house has prompted us to renew elements and spaces to create cozy environments where you can enjoy intimate moments. It is proven that the configuration of the

19/06/2020 TUPAK: Protección perfecta para disfrutar del sol

El sol es una fuente esencial de energía: nos ilumina, nos calienta y nos llena de vitalidad. Disfrutar de él en espacios exteriores es un placer del no querríamos prescindir, sobre todo en invierno, pero el mal tiempo, muchas veces, nos lo impide. El techo móvil