26/10/2021 We love terraces

We are leaving behind a few months that have been hard for everyone. Gradually new phases are beginning that lead to desired reunions: our family, friends, sports companions, etc. we can see each other without screens and be a little closer. Kisses and hugs are still

17/07/2020 HABITAT LLAZA: The keys to achieving the perfect environment.

Lately many people have found an exciting new hobby in decorating their home. This new relationship with our house has prompted us to renew elements and spaces to create cozy environments where you can enjoy intimate moments. It is proven that the configuration of the


The good weather is already here, so you feel happy and you already have everything ready on your magnificent and cosy terrace. Suddenly, a dry noise, a deep roar and drops of water appear. Rain in sight !. No time to lose, you have to act


  As soon as the summer weather arrives, our desire to take possession of the outdoor spaces grows: We are dying to be on a terrace, enjoying a refreshing drink in the company of our friends. We count the days for that long-awaited date to arrive. Meanwhile,

12/02/2020 HABITAT LLAZA

Since 1964 LLAZA innovates and develops solutions for outdoor sun protection. Its position in the market is widely recognized for its specialization in high-technology cassette awnings and mostly for a fundamental element: articulated arms.