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How to choose an awning. 5 questions to be answered

There are a few things to consider when choosing an awning for your home or business.


What is the purpose of the awning?

How much sun exposure does the awning need to protect from?

What is the climate like in your area?

What is the size of the awning needed?

What is the budget for the awning?


Once you have answered these questions, you can begin to look at specific awning models and manufacturers.

1. What is the purpose of the awning?



The purpose of the awning will help you determine the features you need. If you are looking for protection from the sun, then you will need an awning with a good amount of shade. If you are looking for an awning to provide shelter from the rain, you will need an awning with a waterproof fabric.



2. How much sun exposure does the awning need to protect from?



The amount of sun exposure the awning needs to protect from will help you determine the size of the awning. If you live in a hot climate, you will need an awning with a large shade area. If you live in a cooler climate, you may only need a small awning to provide shade.



3. What is the climate like in your area?



The climate will also help you determine the size and features of the awning. If you live in a windy area, you will need an awning with a good amount of wind resistance. If you live in a rainy area, you will need an awning with a waterproof fabric.



4. What is the size of the awning needed?



The size of the awning needed will depend on the purpose and sun exposure of the awning. If you are looking for an awning to cover a large area, you will need a large awning. If you are looking for an awning to cover a small area, you will need a small awning.



5. What is the budget for the awning?



The budget for the awning will also determine the size and features of the awning. If you have a limited budget, you will need to choose an awning with a simpler design. If you have a larger budget, you can choose an awning with more features.

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Different types of awnings to choose

Choose Cassette Awnings

The LLAZA brand is internationally recognized for its wide product portfolio and mostly for being highly specialized in manufacturing retractable arms and awning cassette systems.

We anticipate future changes investigating about new materials, drives, finishes, etc.


best awning manufacturer

MODULBOX-400 is a range of awnings with a monobloc system designed to achieve maximum dimensions with a compact and attractive configuration. Using the same basic parts it is possible to achieve progressive solutions: Full Box, Semi Box and Semi Open.

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kuadbox llaza

The aesthetic of the KUADBOX-400 cassette awning makes it perfect to integrate into the façades thanks to its stylized construction and straight lines design.
It fits with the minimalist architecture styles offering, at the same time, advanced technical features to build up great dimensions incorporating more sets of arms.

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Maticbox-S 350

toldo exterior

MOONBOX-400 is a cassette awning that inspires a world of sensations.
Its combination of materials and rounded shapes gives it a Zen look, a bold design and an air of distinction. With just one set of arms it covers an area up to 6.00 m width and 4,00 m projection.

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toldos alta gamma

Since 1993 the STORBOX cassette awning has been constantly evolving to set new trends.
STORBOX-400 revolutionises the range with its aesthetic full of strength and vitality, with its greater projection capacity of up to 4 metres and with the addition of lighting in the arms and front profile.

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high range awning

Contemporary architecture, with its sharp, straight shapes, poses a challenge when it comes to fitting features into the façade. The Maticbox 350 cassette system is specially desig-ned with a view to the needs of specifications professionals.

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toldo en alta arquitectura

Its powerful look is based on an aerodynamic design and a complete standard equipment. ONBOX-400 finishes are 100% metal, it also allows led lighting in both front profile and retractable arms (when using the ONYX-LUX 400 model). These attributes drive the ONBOX-400 to a podium position at full speed. Its distinctive silhouette set trends and grants personality to the environments where it is integrated.

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cassette awnings price

The shapes in the Splenbox range are inspired by nature. Its de-sign and technology offer the perfect balance between efficiency, strength, lightness and elegance.Its design in metal allows for a single-colour finish to give an im-peccable

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Splenbox-400 Sombrex

cassette awnings UK

Rectractable arms awnings with optimal proportions make it easily adaptable to a wide variety of settings. It features a high-end look combined with cutting-edge technology. The shapes in the Splenbox range are inspired by nature. Its de-sign and technology offer the perfect balance between efficiency, strength, lightness and elegance.Its design in metal allows for a single-colour finish to give an im-peccable appearance of great aesthetic value and high quality.

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modern architecture

This cassette strikes the perfect balance between efficiency, robustness, lightness and elegance. It is designed entirely in metal, giving it an impeccable appearance of high aesthetic va-lue and top quality.

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storbox awning original

This awning system with cassette stands out for its great versatility and adaptability to multiple applications. This is because it can be mounted in a variety of ways and because its brackets make installation very easy.

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protect from sun

This awning comes with a cassette system and is light, easy to install and very attractive. Thanks to its self-protec-tion system, there is no need to perform maintenance on the awning and it will have a considerably longer lifespan.

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avant-garde architecture awnings

This is a self-protecting awning whose structure makes it ideal for installation on windows.

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Choose Classic and Monobloc awnings

LLAZA-ART is synonymous with classic styling. The solar protection sys-tems in this range follow traditional concepts giving them a balanced and well-proportioned design.

The LLAZA-ART range features a wide variety of products and sizes to adapt to any space or situation. And if you are looking for a solar protec-tion system of large proportions, the ART range offers Monobloc supports which allow the use of multiple arms, simply and effectively.

The versatility of LLAZA-ART systems means that most units in the range can be used with different accessories to increase their functionality.

Art Monobloc 500

traditional awning system

This is an invisible arm range awning designed to cover large areas. With a projection of 5 metres this awning can cover up to 60 m2 without the need for pillars or other obstacles.

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Modulbox-400 Open

modulbox awning system

MODULBOX-400 Open is an awning with a monobloc system designed to achieve maximum dimensions with a compact and attractive configuration. Other additional possibilities are proposed: Manual pitch control, Balcony installation, Crossed arms and Roller tube in frontal position (SCDV).

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Art Monobloc 350

sun protection systems

This is an awning from the invisible arm range featuring the Monobloc system, a self-bearing square bar which enables the awning to cover large areas simply and effectively.

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modern house awning

AROND-350 is a classic style awning featuring an elegant design and great performance. Combined with the ONYX-400 arms, it helps turn terraces into protected spaces that can be enjoyed du- ring the day and also at night when using the arms version with LED lighting.

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Art 250

Classic blind arms awning

This awning features invisible ART 250 arms designed especially for installation on small and medium-sized balconies. Its small brackets and meticulous design, which is in keeping with the aesthetic of the ART RANGE, give this awning a very refined finish

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Accessory – Sombrex-System

Classic awnings UK

The Sombrex System is a large adjustable skirt which protects your home from solar rays when the sun is low on the horizon (at daybreak and sunset). The skirt also makes your terrace or balcony into a cosy, private space

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Accessory – Crossed Arms Kit

blind arms awnings

The ART Crossed Arms Kit was designed to complement systems which have limited projections due to width restrictions caused by the space available where the awning is installed.

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Accessory – Galaxia Weather Cover Accessory

classic awnings

The Galaxia weather cover helps to protect any system in the BASIC and ART RANGE by covering the awning when it is retracted. Models: ► G-260 ► G-290 ► G-290 Plus (with supplementary profile).

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Choose Garden awnings

The LLAZA garden awnings are very much indicated for HORECA establishments as they can achieve great dimensions.
The reinforced structure makes them resistant to be installed in terraces and penthouses.


patio double awning

Llaza Duox is a self-standing Llaza awning system based on a single central rolling tube that provides shade and coverage on either side. Its maximum dimensions are 6 m in width by 3 m projection on each side, allowing it to provide up to 36 square metres of shade.

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Choose Vertical awnings

The LLAZA-SCREEN range is a solar protection system for interior or exterior use which helps to effectively control lighting. This solution combines cutting-edge design with enhanced functionality, opening up the interior space to the exterior while preserving intimacy and privacy inside the building.

These screens represent a great contribution to the world of interior de-sign, decoration and the creation of visua-lly comfortable environments. They also actively contribute to energy savings − by reducing heat transmitted from the exterior, air-conditioning energy consumption is also reduced. The screens provide protection from harmful ultra-violet radiation.


vertical sun protection

The highly adaptable and elegant vertical solution with Hidden Guiding at KLAIS 110-ZIP, with Windbreaker at KLAIS 110-G and with Visible Guiding at KLAIS 110-CV.

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toldos verticales

The demands of modern architecture, have extended the use of vertical awnings to the protection of façades from sun light or from other weather conditions, such as wind or rain.

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vertical awning

The Maxiscreen model is a shade designed to cover large windows of up to 5 x 5 metres. It is meant for exterior use and operates with a cable or rod guide system, but can also be used indoors.

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Maxiscreen Box

Vertical awnings UK

The Maxiscreenbox model is a cassette shade which can act as a solar protector, a screen or a blind. Ideal for large spaces, it can reach dimensions of up to 5 x 5 metres using special fabric and a motorised operating mechanism.

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Choose Basic range

The decorative nature of many models of the range. The simplicity and convenience of all systems.

PRT / PRS-21

basic awnings UK

This is a system with front-drop arms and a tensioning system that is an improvement over traditional drop arm systems, allowing it to stand up better to wind without losing its shape.

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stor awning

Awning that attaches to a railing with a simple mechanism that allows a wide range of opening positions.

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