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What bioclimatic pergolas are and what are their main benefits

What are bioclimatic pergolas?


Before knowing what bioclimatic pergolas are, we want to put a bit of context and talk about bioclimatic architecture and why it is so necessary that we rethink our houses with criteria of sustainability, energy saving and comfort.

Bioclimatic architecture is based on the use of environmental conditions to benefit the needs of the users of a home. We should not treat the same design of a house in a humid area as in a dry one, or, within the same area, houses with different orientations. It is about carrying out personalized projects for each reality and working with materials and structures that provide us with maximum energy efficiency.

A bioclimatic home can achieve great savings and even become fully sustainable.

From the beginning, bioclimatic architecture has focused its efforts on the interior areas of the houses in search of the much desired energy efficiency, forgetting, in many cases, the exterior areas such as patios or terraces. This is where bioclimatic pergolas come in, the best tool to enjoy outdoor spaces all year round without leaving the philosophy of bioclimatic architecture aside.

Bioclimatic pergolas are aluminum or wooden structures with adjustable slats on the roof that move to regulate heat, light, humidity, rain and air movement, allowing light to pass through in winter and protecting from the sun in summer or that there is proper ventilation to help regulate the interior temperature throughout the year. There are also those that include a part of work and enclosures on their sides with glass curtains.

Far away are the pergolas that were only used to provide shade through climbing plants.



The adjustable slats on the roof of the bioclimatic pergolas allow regulating the entry of sunlight while allowing air to circulate, regulating the temperature.


Main characteristics of bioclimatic pergolas


The key to this type of pergolas are their roofs, built with motorized and adjustable aluminum slats. They can be turned and stopped in a certain position, allowing to regulate the amount of light desired at all times. Thanks to this innovative system, the temperature is controlled, allowing you to enjoy any outdoor area regardless of the weather. The possibility of turning the slats also avoids the greenhouse effect, since the air is constantly being renewed, preventing heat from accumulating.

Also, these rotating slats are watertight, so that when it rains or snows, you can continue to enjoy under their protection without fear of getting wet. In fact, they have a drainage system on one of their sides that prevents water from stagnating and falling on the space in which it is installed when the slats are reopened.

In bioclimatic pergolas you can also install LED lighting, offering the possibility of creating perfect atmospheres to enjoy the space at any time of the day and regardless of the weather. LED lights surround the entire perimeter of the pergola.



Advantages of bioclimatic pergolas



  • Sun protection: motorized and adjustable roof slats regulate the entry of light.
  • Protection against the wind: in addition to being able to regulate the air intake, in the event of gusts of high wind the slats are completely closed.
  • Protection against rain: in case of rain they can be closed hermetically, preventing the passage of water. In addition, they have an evacuation system so that the water does not wet the room when the slats are opened again.
  • Design: the design of bioclimatic pergolas is current and allows a large number of combinations.
  • Simple cleaning: cleaning the poles and slats is done with soap and water.
  • Low maintenance: unlike other protection systems outside, bioclimatic pergolas require almost no maintenance.
  • Energy saving: enjoying the Sun in winter or good ventilation in summer will avoid the use of heating and air conditioning inside the house.



Two different models


Pergolas UK

Our most multifunctional and customisable bioclimatic pergola: different types of lighting options, integrated sound system, aluminium or translucent slat louvres and acoustic insulation. Adaptable to every need to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.


pergola bioclimatica altas prestaciones

This 79% retractable bioclimatic pergola allows you to enjoy a fully closed ceiling or amazing sky views. Also available with insulated slats and perimeter lighting. Pure elegance and durability.

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