Vertical enclosures

VERTICAL AWNINGS, like roller blinds, are easily installed between the columns of the structure. These light, economical enclosures offer the ease of motorised operation. Depending on the fabric selected, the awning provides a greater or lesser degree of permeability to the exterior environment.


bip screen 500 zip

Vertical cassette awning for spaces up to 5 m in length. Available with 70 mm cable and rod zip guide. Guides click into place without rivets or screws for an impeccably clean look. Aluminium side caps provide a high-quality finish.

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Horizontal enclosures

GLASS ENCLOSURES are a very attractive solution because they make you feel protected while still allowing you to enjoy the view of the outdoor setting that surrounds you.


enclosures for home

Foldable glass curtain with great outdoor views. The easy to move system features a water-channelling system in the lower guide. This curtain gives you a sense of harmony with your surroundings without stepping outside of the protected space.

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cerramientos cristal

Sliding glass curtain. Recommended for large, high-use areas, this is the perfect solution for the HORECA industry. The bottom profile can be completely embedded in the floor, and the panels can be folded from one or both sides.

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