Progressive solutions

MODULBOX-400 is a range of awnings with a monobloc system designed to achieve maximum dimensions with a compact and attractive configuration. Using the same basic parts it is possible to achieve progressive solutions: Full Box, Semi Box and Semi Open.

Modulbox-400 Full Box
  • This model achieves the full performance required of an
  • Full protection as the arms and the fabric keep sheltered
    inside the box.
Modulbox-400 Semi Box
perfil semi box Llaza
  • The Semi Box configuration achieves complete protection
    of the fabric and the front part of the awning thanks to
    the perfect coupling of the profiles when the awning is fully
Modulbox-400 Semi Open
perfil semi open Llaza
  • The Semi Open model provides high protection of the fabric, the supports and also the arms as they are kept protected by the top profile and the side covers.
  • The round shape of the front profile opens the Modulbox model to more aesthetic possibilities while maintaining its strength and resistance.