Tensed pergolas

Garden tensed pergolas

From the times of the Ancient Orient, great pergolas have always been places for gatherings and celebrations. While they have evolved over time, today they continue to preserve the enchanting legacy of the world’s great civilizations, retaining their welcoming nature and providing a focal point for the celebration of special moments, and, thanks to their strength and resilience, offering shelter from inclement weather.


Tensile pergolas provide a wide range of design possibilities: shapes, colours and finishes to fit any space. They can also be accessorised with lighting systems and perimeter closures. Attached to a façade or self-supporting, they’re the ideal solution for expanding business venues and homes. Llaza Habitat lets you create settings that combine the best of the indoor and outdoor worlds, offering privacy and protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


tensed pergolas UK patio

A tensile pergola with a straight-lined aesthetic and retractable roof that’s highly resistant to wind and rain. With four different versions and several lighting possibilities, this is our most versatile model, striking the perfect balance between comfort and functionality.

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Pergola Magna Habitat Llaza

A tensile pergola with a double-slope retractable roof. Designed to cover large spaces, it is the ideal venue for life’s most important events. The structure of the interior columns can be modified to optimise the enclosure for events with a great number of guests.

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techos lujo

Retractable roof to protect interior spaces. An extremely functional system, perfect for controlling natural lighting and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

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pergola de diseño España

Tensile pergola with a curved single or double-slope retractable roof. This model comes in five versions to create the perfect space for every need. The form and design transmit great strength and serenity.

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